About Me

Welcome to my online portfolio! My name is Samuel San Nicolas and I am currently a software engineer Barn2Door. I am a client-oriented developer obsessed with building beautiful user experiences with a focus on the interaction between humans and computers. I have a BS in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.


Relevent Coursework

  • Client/Server Side Web Development
  • Web Programming
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Interactive Systems Design
  • Java Programming


Amazon Step-By-Step

Design, fullstack, reactJS, android, nodeJs, aws

Worked with Amazon Global Security to build a just-in-time-learning Electronic Performance Support System for their loss prevention specialists for my HCDE senior capstone.

Smart Kart

fullstack, reactJS, android, nodeJs, aws

Designed and built in 24 hours for the NWHacks hackathon, Smart Kart is an end-to-end user experience involving a shopping cart that used computer vision and robotics to follow you around, an android app to scan and checkout store items, a web app to track carts and store inventory and analyze shopping data, and a NodeJS Backend to power it all.

1st Place Overall 3rd Best React App


fullstack, reactJS, flask, python, google app engine

My final project for HCDE 310, Interactive Systems Design. ConcertEarly utilizes ReactJS + Flask on Google App Engine to give users a way to find a concert and create a Spotify playlist based on the artists playing. This pulls data from the Spotify and SeatGeek APIs.

Ahuna Bot

fullstack, angularJS, flask, python, aws

Designed and built in 24 hours for the Major League Hacking event at the University of Washington, DubHacks, Ahuna Bot is a natural language processing, conversational, machine learning chat bot aimed at providing a way for people to communicate with something when they are suffering from a mental health issue.

VidHub Central

fullstack, angularJS, nodeJS, mongoDB, aws

My final project for Info344, Server-Side Web Developement. VidHub Central utilizes the entirety of the MEAN Stack to provide a full interactive web app. Deployed on a pair of load balanced EC2 instances, this site brings together all that I learned throughout the quarter.

Marvel Cards

front end, angularJS, firebase, REST apis

Created as the final project for Info343, Client-Side Web Development, Marvel Cards brings together AngularJS, Firebase, and Marvel's API to form a competitive and informative game for everyone. (Can use fake credentials to create an account)

1st Place Overall


front end, angularJS

Spotimon is an interactive game combining Pokemon and Spotify trivia. Written as a project to learn more about REST APIs, Spotimon leverages AngularJS and the Spotify Web API to provide a unique user experience.


design, user research

A portfolio highlighting the design process taken in HCDE 318 - Introduction to User Centered Design. This portfolio is the culmination of a quarters worth of work focused around the Seattle Link Light Rail.


Work Experience

Barn2Door Inc.

Barn2Door Logo
Software Engineering Intern
4/2017 - Present

Utilized ReactJS and ES6 to optimize and streamline the ecommerce experience.

Tack Technologies Inc.

Tack Logo
Software Engineering Intern
12/2016 - 5/2017

Leveraged ReactJS and NodeJS on a serverless platform to redesign task management.


KCTS9 Logo
Web Production Intern
10/2016 - Present

Produce and manage web content as well as assist with the production of digital media.

Fosters Instructional Media

Fosters Logo
Media Professional
1/2016 - 10/2016

Providing support and training in Lecture Capture, Academic Video Production, and other technologies to the Foster School of Business.


GoToTags Logo
10/2014 - 1/2016

Powering the Internet of Things (IoT) with hardware and software solutions that enable NFC, RF, BLE, and QR technologies.


I am always seeking new opportunities and adventures! Do you have something that might interest me? Let me know here!


Game Dev Club, UW


Startup UW


Husky Running Club

Run Leader